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How to Get Your Recruit Leads Off the Fence

    Sponsoring new team members is not rocket science. There is no magic involved. It isn't limited by your personality, background, or level of experience. Sponsoring happens when you are passionate about helping others better their lives. Even if you are a brand new consulta[Read More]
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Keys to Successful Sponsoring

Doesn't March feel like the new January? With the warmer weather on it's way and the snow beginning to melt (if you have snow that is), everything feels fresh and new. And as direct sellers, this is something that we need to pay attention to. This is because people are starting to plan [Read More]
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Creating an Interest for Your Opportunity

Do you feel like you're unsure of how to get people interested in your opportunity? As wonderful as it would be if people would come to you and ask to join your business, that’s usually not how it happens. In fact, it hardly ever happens that way. I’ve done close to 3000 parties and this scenari[Read More]
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How to Double Your Party Bookings

Are you looking to double your party bookings without adding too much extra work on your plate? Do you want to maximize your profit from every party you book? Well your answer isn't to spend even more hours trying to additional hosts... It's to double up on every party you book. Let [Read More]


“Belinda’s trainings are smart, to the point, and most importantly, HELPFUL to my business! She has taught me how to use systems in my business that maximize my time, and make my ‘power hours’ more effective. Whether you are just beginning your business or a strong leader, Belinda’s techniques and expertise apply to YOU!”Michelle Huskey
“Belinda’s systems have helped me focus on income generating activities. I’m so thankful I learned her systems early in my career. It truly gave me the foundation to grow a large, successful business.”Francine Fortier
“I’ve been in direct sales for 36 years and Belinda is the BEST in the industry. I listen to her CD’s, use her materials and have hired her to do training for my team. This investment has helped my team reach over one million in monthly sales. Thank you, Belinda!”Deb O'Donoghue