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Success in any business starts with 
the power of your network...


If you had to guess...

What would you say is the most powerful role on your team?

You might think the YOU are the most important person...

YOU are the person directly responsible for your results and for your growth.

However, there's an even more important role!

The most important role on your team is your MENTOR!


What do I get as a member of
Direct Selling Now PLUS?

Get your questions answered and build your skills with weekly resources and a LIVE monthly webinar.

You’ll access weekly resources that provide you with perspective and insight into the biggest challenges in your business. Trainers will also answer your questions on a LIVE monthly webinar. You get access to the complete history of these resources as well. 

Get access to our monthly Swipe File. These are images and posts that you can edit and brand as your own.

Struggle with what to post in your social media pages and groups? We do the work for you. Each month, plus members receive a collection of posts to use as they desire. Members also get access to previous swipe files. It's like having an entire social media library at your fingertips.

New Targeted Training released EACH MONTH.

As a PLUS member, you’ll receive access to a PAID training or product FREE each month to enhance your skills.

Get accountable, creative, and connected with our exclusive DSN+ Facebook Community.

Our Direct Selling Now PLUS Community is a diverse range of experience, opportunities, and businesses from around the world. Ask your questions, seek out new relationships, and make new friends in our private Facebook group.


Belinda Ellsworth

Belinda Ellsworth

Lydia Martin

Lindsay Tompkins

Lindsay Tompkins

Belinda is the author of the best-selling book, Direct Selling for Dummies, and has worked with over 100,000 direct sales professionals and leaders worldwide. Over 20 years ago, Belinda Ellsworth started Step Into Success with the dream of training direct sales leaders and companies on how to host better parties, build stronger teams, and be more successful. 

Today, Step Into Success includes additional direct sales experts and trainers.

Lydia Martin ran her own successful direct sales business for 20 years before joining the Step Into Success team. She is a master trainer, coach, and expert in digital strategy and online marketing.

Lindsay Tompkins is a social media expert & trainer for Step Into Success. She has worked in the industry for many years both in the corporate setting and as a direct sales leader.

Whether you're just joining a direct sales company or if you're an experienced leader, you need to stay fresh and current on the changes to our industry. Our training team helps you know exactly what is working right now.

Why is the Step Into Success Team so unique?

  • You'll gain the advantage of over 50+ combined years of team success in the direct sales industry across many different companies
  • You'll receive the same insight and education delivered to over 80+ direct sales companies over the past 30 years
  • You'll learn from a diverse team with unique and practical experience in the industry.

Here are some amazing statistics about the Step Into Success Community.

As a reminder, I want you to know how many people are on this journey WITH you.

89170 Satisfied Step Into Success Clients
39829 Facebook Community Members
14815 Currently Training

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