Direct Sales Consulting

[x_text]Belinda Ellsworth is more than just a speaker. Because of her wealth of experience in the direct sales world she can address a wide variety of issues. She can help you with any number of direct sales matters, including:

  • Personal consulting for in-house executives
  • Compensation plan analysis
  • Marketing and design
  • Product development
  • Incentive trips and national convention
  • Mentoring field development team
  • General advice
  • And more!
Belinda is the answer to sustainable growth within your company!

Whether your company is new or already established, Belinda’s unique understanding of the industry will provide you with the consulting support you need to maximize success! Our corporate consulting services are designed to optimize current business practices, develop infrastructure or implement programs to increase revenues. For the past several decades, Belinda’s advice has helped companies achieve targeted sales and growth goals. She will collaborate with you to create a sustainable and profitable customized solution for your company.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 734-426-1075[/x_text]

[x_text]“Being a fairly new company in the industry, we were looking for an expert that could come to our convention as a keynote speaker and teach our consultants new strategies to be successful. We ended up getting much more than we anticipated! Belinda studied our company more than any speaker ever has. She even attended a party of one of our consultants to really understand what is happening out in the field. She was able to relate well with our consultants, and she taught and inspired more than we could have ever anticipated. Her message was not just a canned message…she personalized it for our company.

Because we were so impressed with her knowledge, we began a consulting relationship with her after our convention. Our hope was that she could give us some insight as to ways to increase our recruiting. Belinda has helped us identify many areas in a short amount of time that has helped us improve our recruiting already. Belinda is one of the best minds in the direct sales industry I’ve ever met.”

Jason Norton, Thrive Life[/x_text]