Direct Selling for Dummies

Direct Selling for Dummies

The Ultimate Direct Selling Guide and #1 International Best Selling Book in USA, Canada and Australia by Belinda Ellsworth

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The Ultimate Resource for You and Your Team

Learn to:

  • Navigate the direct sales industry to pursue independent success
  • Set goals and manage your time effectively
  • Book, sell, and recruit to increase your income
  • Harness the power of social media to grow your business

Ready to start your direct sales business? Learn from a pro!

So you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug? Terrific! This book will give you an edge in direct sales. It explains the different direct selling models, the skills you need to succeed, how to implement your sales strategies, ways to maximize social media power, and how to keep your business going and growing.

  • Find your passion — explore how direct sales works, the compensation plans, and the pros and cons of a start-up to choose your ideal company
  • What works for you — compare the Network Marketing, Party Plan, and Hybrid models and discover what best fits your goals and skills
  • Be a self-starter — find out what you need to get started and the key skills that lead to success
  • Get it done — learn how to get appointments and bookings, plan a great launch, generate a buzz, keep your hosts excited, and hold successful parties
  • Make it social — choose the best social media for your business, use photos wisely, gain attention for your blog, host a Facebook party, and build your Twitter audience
  • Keep growing — master the art of recruiting and networking, and make follow-up a priority

Open the book and find:

  • Why direct selling works
  • Ways to bolster your confidence
  • Time management tips
  • How to hone your presentation skills
  • The 2+2+2 follow-up method
  • How to maximize an event
  • Communication aids
  • Ten great online resources
  • Tricks for handling your income and dealing with taxes

So much amazing information for anyone in the Direct Sales Industry. Love that it is up to the minute including a section on Social Media. Great reference-style book for easy look up on topics as needed. Great for ideas for team training. Belinda hit a home run with this one!
Terry Broadbent

This book is a fabulous, practical guide to direct selling. I love that I can find exactly what I need for whatever aspect of my business I’m working on at the time. She gives great ideas and also helps with the wording and how to say what you need to say to your customers. It has been so helpful to me as I work my own business and also as I grow and train my team!

This is a must have if you are in direct sales!
Amanda VanDusen

About the Author

International #1 Best Selling Author, Belinda Ellsworth has been a speaker and trainer for the direct sales industry for over 20 years. After building a successful business with two companies, she founded Step into Success in 1995 and has helped thousands of direct sellers and entrepreneurs. She has worked with more than 200 different direct sales companies as a consultant and conference speaker and impacted thousands more through her seminars and training programs.

Known as the “verbiage queen”, her training helps consultants and leaders see results, including an increase in bookings, recruiting and retention. She consistently conducts surveys and research to stay one step ahead and offers a variety of products and services all focused on helping direct sellers reach their potential.

Because of her passion and impact on the industry, she won the 2015 Direct Selling Association’s Ethos Partnership Award, which is a huge honor.