Doing Your Host Homework: Host Coaching

This month we’re focusing on working your business like a business. And what more important part of our business to work effectively than host coaching!

Host coaching is truly a key ingredient to success with your parties and sales every month. If we don’t effectively coach our hosts, our parties lack in attendance, sales, leads and of course – energy!

One of the questions we were asked earlier this week was, “Should I provide my hosts with scripts to send to their friends or bullet points so they can create their own messages?”

We believe providing your hosts with scripts will make sure their friends receive the best information possible with concerns to how much fun the event will be and what they will expect to learn.

However, we don’t want our scripts to sound like…well…scripts.

A part of working your business is doing your homework and research and interviewing your hosts.

No other business would approach a group of customers or a target demographic without first knowing:

  • How old are they?
  • Do they have kids?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What problems are they trying to solve?
  • And so on.

As a marketer, more time is spent into researching your customer than actually even developing content. The more you know your customer, the better content and presentation you can deliver to them.

To help you get to know your host and her friends, we’re offering this FREE gift to all of you. A Host Questionnaire!

When you book your next party, be sure to go through this questionnaire with them during the coaching phase. You will find the more you learn about her and her friends, the better you can service them.

Then, take these questions and use them to improve your presentation, create posts in your Facebook Event to get them excited and of course – for scripts for your host to use.

Here is an example of a script we were able to create from a host questionnaire:

"Hey girl! So, I was thinking on Sunday to have a post church mom hang! Kids are welcome! My niece will be over. I know you guys are like me and interested in only natural and organic products. My friend Tara is going to come over and share some of her products with us. Make up that's easy for us in the morning that we can actually feel good about using. WIN! Are you free next Sunday? Hubby's are welcome. My husband will be BBQing in the backyard while we get some serious mom time inside! Are you in?"

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