How to Double Your Party Bookings


Are you looking to double your party bookings without adding too much extra work on your plate?

Do you want to maximize your profit from every party you book?

Well your answer isn’t to spend even more hours trying to additional hosts…

It’s to double up on every party you book.

Let me explain.

Book a Facebook Party With Every Home Party

Home parties are typically your bread and butter. Your guests get to see the product in person and have fun with their friends, which all leads to increased sales.

But at every home party, there are at least a few guests who couldn’t make it the night of. Normally we coach the host to get some outside orders or at the very least, share the catalog with her friends who are unable to attend.

But what if you could engage the guests who can’t come plus her friends and family who live far away?

For every home party you book with a host, also be sure to book a Facebook Party for the night after.

When you are setting up your home party, be sure to also set up a Facebook Event. This will allow your host to invite her friends to learn more about the event as well reach the guests who won’t be able to show up that night.

When someone says they can’t attend the home party, coach your host to say,

“That’s okay Alyssa! I know that you have a busy schedule. You’re definitely going to be missed though! But Alyssa I don’t want you to miss out on all of the awesome things the Consultant is going to share with us. You were one of the first people I thought of when I booked this party.

So for the people who can’t make the home party, I am having a Facebook Party as well! It will be the night after at 8pm. So you can still check it out then! And if that date doesn’t work either, the videos will be in the event for you to watch. We are closing the order on Friday so you will have until then!

My consultant will post in the event after the party what we learned and what everyone’s favs were!”

By booking this additional party, you will be able to increase your sales and get your business in front of more people.

Remember to follow up with everyone and share testimonials from the night before.

Book a Home Party With Every Facebook Party

The second strategy to help you double your bookings is to book a home party with every Facebook Party. Of course, this will only work if your Facebook Party host lives in your area.

Majority of the time, people opt for Facebook Parties over the home party for a few reasons:

  • Their schedule is really busy and it’s hard to carve out enough time for a home party (Facebook Parties are shorter and no travel/cleaning time).
  • Their home is small and can’t fit as many people.
  • They’re afraid no one will show up.

Sometimes hosts feel overwhelmed by the home party.

Of course as Consultants it’s your job to take the stress off of her, remind her you will do majority of the work and that smaller parties are sometimes the best ones!

So many times, you will get a host who opts for the Facebook Party.

Remember, even though our goal is to always meet guests and show the product in person, we need to offer the business the way our customers want it. So if your host wants a Facebook Party, it’s important that you follow her lead.

However, a great way to double the booking and obtain even more sales, is to schedule a “meeting” with your host a few days after the Facebook Party.

You won’t call this a home party, because as I mentioned, your host will have already declined one. But might say something like,

“No problem Amber! I love Facebook Parties and it’s an easy way for people to experience the products without having to leave their house. But what I would also love to do is to stop by Friday to meet with you. That way we can go over your party total and I can help you with your free and discounted products. So make sure you have your wish list ready!

And while I’m there, if you have any friends or neighbours who were interested in seeing the product first hand, I can bring my kit along. How does that sound?”

When Amber realizes you’re not expecting a lot from this meeting, meaning it’s okay if she only invites over 2-3 people, the chances of her agreeing are high.

During this meeting, you will do a mini product presentation for her friends and add their orders to the party total.

Interestingly enough, we have found that the sales from this “in home meeting” can actually be higher than the Facebook Party itself.

So my tip for this week?

Always double up! Make the most out of every booking by reaching as many of her friends and family as possible with these two strategies.

Comments? Feedback? Excitement? We want to hear from you!

 Lindsay Tompkins, Social Media Trainer