Five Annoying Mistakes Direct Sellers Make on Social Media

Direct Sellers are often associated as being annoying or spammy online. Are you one of those people?

When we get excited about our product and our opportunity, it’s hard not to scream it from the rooftops (or from our Facebook status). But the truth is, you’re losing out on potential customers because you’re not strategically planning out your posts.

Incase you’re wondering whether or not you’re making these social media faux pas, here are the top 5 you must avoid.

  1. Only sharing products not content. Many direct sellers and network marketers confuse sharing their products with sharing content. We hear all the time that content is king and we need to share relevant, interesting and timely information on our pages. But content is not your products.Direct sellers get excited by what they offer and only focus on sharing their products and why they work. Instead, try thinking about building a community and sharing information that educates, entertains or informs your potential buyers.For example, instead of sharing a photo of your company’s newest cleaning product, share an article about how to clean your house in just 15 minutes a day.People will value this information, come to know you as an expert and continue to learn from you. Then when you recommend a product (or better yet, they ask you to recommend one), you can share your products with them.
  2. Forcing people into groups. So you’re excited to take your business online and create a group to help you engage your customer list and provide consistent follow-up every month. You create images, name your group and start adding everyone you know.Hold on!The biggest mistake direct sellers are making with groups is that they are forcing people (especially friends and family), into their group pages, which like the first point, we are rarely sharing content and only sharing products.Our VIP Group Course, focuses on inviting people and marketing your page to find the best leads out there. You will never have to force someone into your group again.

    But the worst part is, direct sellers know this is annoying because they too are being added to a million groups by OTHER direct sellers!

  3. Asking friends and family to help you earn a trip. One of the best parts about being in direct sales is the opportunity to earn all expense paid trips to destinations around the world. Companies offer these exciting programs to incentivize you to increase your sales and team building.What these incentives should do is inspire and motive you to book more parties, meet more people and increase your monthly follow up.But what it usually does is motivate direct sellers to post things like,

    However, your incentive trip is to make you work more, not make your friends and family pay more. I’m sure they’re sitting there thinking they would like to go on a trip, too. Instead, make a plan and work your business consistently to reach that goal!

  4. Private messaging people you don’t know. One of the quickest ways to end up on someone’s blocked list is by private messaging them and asking them to hear more about your opportunity.If you send someone a friend request who you think would be great to network with and they accept it, awesome! But now isn’t the time to jump in feet first. Take it slow! Send them a message and thank them for accepting your friend request. Then like and comment on a few of her posts.Be sure to share content that would interest her on your own page. That way, she will start to engage with you also. Then after you have built a relationship, you can talk to her about what you do (better yet, she might ask you!). Social media networking is all about the long game and not instant gratification. Take your time and don’t scare people off with your opportunity videos and promises of helping them make an extra $500 a month.
  5. Hijacking someone else’s page. Some people are just killing it on social media (and it’s not because they’re better than you or got lucky! It’s because they’re sharing posts people care about and are learning from.) But when they post something that garners a lot of attention, participate in their post but don’t hijack. Many times I have seen people start adding people from others’ lists, sharing their business on their posts without being prompted to do so and private messaging their friends. This is a big no-no! People work hard to build up their own networks. They are not for you to steal! That is just bad business. Instead, if you have someone who has a lot of attention on their page, utilize them as an influencer. You can ask to partner up on a giveaway, send them product to review or ask them for referrals.


Do you have any more to add to the list? Comment below and share them with us!