How to Get Your Recruit Leads Off the Fence

Sponsoring new team members is not rocket science. There is no magic involved. It isn’t limited by your personality, background, or level of experience. Sponsoring happens when you are passionate about helping others better their lives.

Even if you are a brand new consultant who has not personally experienced ALL of the benefits of having your own business, you’ve experienced something.

  • You know the excitement of starting something new that is completely your own.
  • You’ve received an amazing kit of new products.
  • You’ve met some new friends.
  • You have been given an opportunity to add an extra stream of income to your budget without completing a resume or going on a job interview.

In other words, you can share the benefits of having their own business, along with personal experiences, even if you’ve just joined your company.

But, how do you share your business opportunity with others?

As Belinda shared last week in this blog post, the first step is generating interest. The second step is follow-up.

Maybe these two steps are easy for you. You get people excited about learning more and invite them to set up a time to share more information and answer their questions. But, what happens next?

When you follow-up, what questions should you ask? What benefits of your opportunity should you focus on? And after you’ve answered all their questions, how can you get them to make a decision? Maybe you have leads that have been on the fence for a long time. They say they are interested, but never commit. What can you do?

The key is asking the right questions and helping them overcome their concerns.

When you contact a potential consultant, start off getting to know them and what they are excited about.

What sparked your interest in _______? or How did you hear about __________? (Refer to your company.)

At this point, it’s very important to ask this next question. Because sometimes we assume the person wants to know WHY to get started when they are actually READY to get started. Knowing this from the very beginning will save you a lot of time! And then you can use questions 1-5 in your first coaching call with your new consultant!

Are you interested in learning more about WHY to get started or are you wondering HOW to get started?

If they want to know WHY, go to question #1. If they want to know HOW, jump to #6.

1. What are some of the reasons you are considering getting started?

Focus on those things that are important to them.

2. Are you familiar with the products or the support and training our company offers?

Share a little bit about the company and products, including their marketability.

3. Is there a certain amount of money you’d like to earn each month? What would that mean for you and your family?

Share a little bit about the income potential.

4. Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do. Have you ever done anything like this before?

Point out what experiences would help them be good at their business.

5. Tell me about your family. Do you think they would support you and your new business?

This allows you to find out who might be their first few hosts.

6. Do you know the steps to getting started?

Walk them through ordering their starter kit and setting up their launch parties.

To get started, it’s as simple as ordering one of our starter kits and scheduling your launch parties. Are you excited about earning your first commission check? Great! Which kit would you like to order?

Unless they’ve told you otherwise, assume they are ready to move forward and start the sign-process. They will follow your lead.

If they are hesitant….

If there was one thing holding you back right now from getting started, what would that be?

If I could help you figure out a way to overcome ______, would you be interested in getting started?

If you’ve handled their concerns and they are still hesitant, it’s most likely fear holding them back. Reassure them that feeling nervous is normal, but that you will support them every step of the way.

What do you have to lose by giving this a try? 

If they are still not ready to make a decision…

Is this no, not ever, or no, not right now? Since needs and schedules change, when could I follow up with you to see if another time would be the right time to get started?

And then schedule a time to follow-up, because another time may be the right time for them to get started. But, knowing exactly where they stand is better than having them on the fence.

Do you feel these questions will help your leads make a decision? Comment below and let us know! And CLICK HERE to watch a video with more tips on sharing your business opportunity.





After 20 years building her own successful direct sales business, Lydia Martin joined Step Into Success as a trainer for Direct Selling Now and Digital Academy.