Personal Shopping Experiences

This month with Direct Selling Now, we are talking all about customer care and follow-up. The summer is an important time to rely on this way of doing business because many of our customers and clients are out of town on vacation are busy at home with sports, BBQs and family events.

So aside from utilizing your Facebook VIP Group (we are offering VIP Group training to all of our Plus Members this month) and reaching out to customers by phone, what are other ways you can engage your customers this month?

One of my favorite ways to offer products throughout the summer months (and any time of year for that matter), is the personal shopping experience.

This is where you book private, VIP (can even call it concierge) service with someone one-on-one in their home. You will go through the current products that they use and help them select products that are better suited to their needs or will compliment what they already have.

Many Consultants miss utilizing this way of generating income every month and the reason might not be what you think.

They’re not missing out because they aren’t asking their customers. They’re missing out because they’re not listening to their customers.

When I was in the field, I remember being out and about at the mall one day, when a woman complimented me on my necklace. I thanked her, and said that it was part of a line of jewelry that I represented. She said, “Oh, I am a jewelry nut. “ I explained to her what I did and asked her if she would be interested in hosting a party.

She replied with, “No, I don’t like home parties.”

Now many consultants would have taken this as a no, and walked away feeling discouraged. But I knew that there was still an opportunity to gain this woman as a customer.

Remember, you do not only offer home parties. You offer a magnitude of ways that clients and customers can purchase from you.

Photo by Red Letter Days

So instead of accepting defeat, I let her know that I also offered personal shopping experiences where I would come to her house, bring my jewelry and help her match the selections to her outfits.

When you are booking personal shopping experiences to sell product, you want your client to feel as if it is personal to her.

So here are some great tips when following up with customers to introduce your personal shopping experience:

  • Find out her interests and needs and create an experience for her that is unique
  • Ask what issues she is facing when it comes to your industry (i.e. cleaning, fashion, cooking and so on).
  • Let her know about solutions that you offer
  • Offer to come to her home to go through and sort her items with her (For many product lines, offering a de-cluttering and updating would work!)
  • Let her know she can invite any friends who might be interested in learning more as well (ahem, sounds like a party to me!)

Personal shopping experiences are a great way to reconnect with your customers this summer, replenish or restock their items, and introduce new products to their lifestyle.

They don’t have to leave the house and they get the expertise of an experienced consultant in that industry, completely free of charge!

LEADER TIP: Run a contest for the month of July to see who can book the most personal shopping experiences and reward your consultants with fun prizes to keep them motivated!