Ready To Lead?


Your purpose as a leader is to build confidence and offer support.

Image8Congratulations on your success! Being a leader means you have a strong personal business and have begun growing an organization.

When you started your business you were excited, maybe a little nervous and hopeful about the opportunities that your new business would bring. Suddenly, you have your first recruit and you have to figure out how to work with them. You might find that your new team member may be feeling a little nervous as well.

Being a leader shouldn’t be scary or overwhelming. It is an exciting time; you’ve got your first recruits and are starting to build a team! That’s awesome! What’s even better is that you will start getting paid more, and remember that the number one reason people join this business is for the money and financial reward. That means not only will you help get your new recruit started off great and see success, you will see success as well.

So often I see consultants wait to start leading their teams because they say, “my team isn’t big enough.” or “ I don’t know how to lead.” You begin leading the minute you sign your first recruit.

Your soul purpose as a leader is to help build confidence in your new team member, support them with their first parties and be a friend and encourager. When your new team member gets off to a strong start, they are setting the pace for their business. And my soul purpose is to help you build the confidence and skills it takes to become a successful leader.[/x_text]