Setting (And Crushing) Your Holiday Sales Goals

The holiday season is fast approaching. Have you set and planned your sales and recruiting goals?

October should be focused on welcoming new people to your team and getting ready for November.

You should focus on:

  • Booking your calendar
  • Putting together holiday packages (and determining how many of them you want to sell!)
  • Setting team sales and sponsoring goals
  • What content you want to share on your social media pages
  • How many Facebook Lives you are going to do
  • And more!

But how are you going to reach your customers all while finding new ones?

This season, it’s important to work your business multiple ways to generate multiple streams of income and find different types of customers.

One of the most exciting aspects of your direct sales business is the flexibility and variety of options that are available. The more different ways you try, the more you’ll create a broad base of profit that will sustain you – and the more you’ll appeal to a larger and broader number of prospective leads.

So how will you work your business this season? Comment below with what you are going to take advantage of!

Multiple Ways to Work Your Business

  • Live Presentations & Home Parties.  When people attend a party and interact with other guests, they experience that great energy that comes from people having a good time together. The right balance of fun, the excitement of seeing friends make similar purchases, the information provided in the brief presentation, and the added bonus of your expert advice all combine to create social proof. Social proof creates stronger sales, result in more bookings, and even make sponsoring new team members even easier.
  • Trade Shows & Vendor Events. Holiday trade shows and vendor events are one of the best places to meet new people this season. And here’s something that may sound surprising: I’ve found that smaller, less expensive events tend to provide a bigger return on your investment.

    I’ve also discovered there’s a key ingredient to creating success: Decide on your purpose for that particular event. If it’s to get bookings, then don’t focus on selling product. Concentrate on engaging people and creating an urgency to book that day.

    If your goal is to earn enough to pay for your booth and create your biggest income, you’ll want to focus on selling product and holiday packages. You’ll experience the best results if, instead of bringing along your catalog or a variety of items, you focus on selling a specific bundle, special or package.

    And if your goal is to find more team members, you can offer a gift basket that goes to everyone who joins you, plus include a poster on your booth that says, “I’m looking for people to join me.”

  • Event Parties. Event parties (also known as pop ups) are an exciting new twist to home parties. These events are held outside of the home and can be held at restaurants, gyms, yoga studios, boutiques and so on. What establishments in your area might be interested in teaming up with you this season?
  • Online Marketing & Online Parties. These days, one of the most touted aspects of direct selling is the benefit of doing business online. There’s no question that online parties can be a great boost to your business. They allow you to reach people outside of your local area and offer the convenience of being able to cover your responsibilities at home while popping over to the computer to host an online party on Facebook.

    When it comes to doing a great party online, you use exactly the same skills as an in-home party. The difference is in how you utilize those skills. To succeed with virtual parties, you need to engage guests, make it fun and show them how your product really answers a need they have.  Successful online parties should also demonstrate why hosting a party is exciting and rewarding and how becoming a representative meets a need that each guest has.

    You’ll find that doing a combination of virtual parties and live parties is often the best fit for both you and your hosts. You may need to be home on a certain evening, or she may believe her house isn’t large enough to do a live party. This is why it’s important to utilize multiple ways to work your business.

  • Fundraising. Fundraising is a $19 billion market. The great part of fundraising programs is that people want to support their community. Fundraising can introduce you and your products to an entirely different crowd. Many companies offer a fundraising program what divides your normal profit so that the bulk of it goes to the school or organization. But if not, you can develop your own program. Focus on offering about a dozen top items on a flyer rather than using the entire catalog. Make sure the receipt offers an opt-out option for future contact and that the products are delivered with your contact information included.

    So what causes can you help support this holiday season? Even as something as simple as sponsoring a family for the holidays can bring you great joy among many other business benefits.

  • Re-Servicing. Tis is a place of the business that many people leave out and that’s a huge amount of cash to leave on the table. Re-servicing is more than simply posting on Facebook, “I’m putting in an order, does anyone want anything?” Re-servicing is true customer care, meaning it involves contact customers individually to ensure that they’re doing well and like the products, and to determine whether they need more or if they would like to try something new.

    During your re-servicing calls/texts/messages, be sure to share with your customers your holiday specials or bundles. Ask who they have to shop for this year and if you can help take any of that off their plate.

  • Personal Shopping Experience. Personal shopping is more than just selling products; it’s offering a service. For example, you may tell your prospective clients/customers that for a fee, you will come in and help them decorate their home for the holidays. However, they can take that fee and apply it as a credit to products that they would like to purchase. During this personal shopping experience, you will also sit down with them and talk to them about who they have on their shopping list this season and if one of your holiday bundles could be a good fit.

    Personal shopping will rarely be something you base your entire business on, but it is one more layer you can add to it. Thought you may have time to do only one party per week, perhaps during the middle of the day you can do a couple of personal shopping experiences.


So which of these streams will you utilize this upcoming holiday season? Make a plan NOW and set a goal of how many you want to do of each. Be sure to share this blog post with your teams, so you can create a holiday selling change with them.