Direct Sales Speaker & Trainer


Belinda has built large organizations in the field as a direct sales consultant. With her years of expertise and fresh take on the industry today, she is here to help every level of consultant step into success.

Belinda’s step-by-step programs, delivered in her trademark high-energy and amusing style, always lead to increases in sales, bookings, and recruiting. After she speaks, companies and leaders come back and tell us what a difference her training has made in their sales organizations. Business builders report that having Belinda demystify the path to success and lay out tried-and-true systems for building momentum, all while being duplicable, led to explosions in their personal businesses and team-building results.

Belinda and her team will energize your consultants and leaders with the business-transforming material in any of her popular seminars and power-packed keynote addresses.

  • The Power of One
  • The Fortune Is in the Follow-up
  • The Five Priorities of a Leader
  • Be Ready for Business
  • Six Key Elements of a Successful Show
  • Develop Your Recruiting Radar
  • How to Conduct Successful Opportunity Events
  • The Power Hour for Leaders
  • Plus many more!

To hire Belinda for your next event, please contact us at or 734-426-1075

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