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Vendor Events & Trade Shows

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Belinda shares how to maximize your results at vendor events and trade shows.

Creating Results at Trade Shows

Fairs and shows are a great way to help you reach out into your community and meet new people you may have never otherwise met.
However, don’t think you need to invest in large trade shows that cost thousands of dollars to attend or ones that expect you to carry significant amounts of inventory. In fact, smaller, less expensive events tend to provide a bigger return on your investment.

When it comes to fairs and shows, there is a key ingredient for creating success, and that is deciding on your purpose. [Read More]

Want to know how to connect and follow-up with your new leads? Lydia Martin shares 3 tips for effective follow-up.

7 Ways to Use Trade Shows to Increase Your Social Media

Trade shows and vendor events are the perfect place to meet people you may have never met otherwise and increase your circle of influence.

In our last training, Lydia Martin talked about how to develop systems for follow-up and how to best communicate with your new leads.

But how do you move those leads to become fans of your social media platforms?

There are a number of ways you can increase your social media during and after your event.

[Read More]

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