Creating a Calendar for Your Team

When a member of our Director Selling Now community asked me this question, I started researching.

Denise’s question was…

Do you know of an calendar app that I can share with my TEAM on Facebook? I’m looking for an “at a glance” view where people can just click on the date to see more information about the event. I’m looking for something that will allow my TEAM to post all their team meetings.

I have been in her shoes, wishing that I had a TEAM calendar where my leaders could add and edit events. I also wished for an easy way to share this calendar as a link, in an email or in my team Facebook group. So after some research and finding out what other business owners use, I checked out Calendarwiz.

In a few simple steps, I was able to customize and create a team calendar that offered every option I was looking for and more.

So I shared Calendarwiz with our members, including Denise, and here is what she had to say…

I LOVE IT! I just signed up and set it up for my organization! Super easy to use and share on various FB groups/pages. You can add links to Zoom, EventBrite, FB Events, for each event and also FB Surveys. I also added in Team and Company promotions/deadlines, images, and Color Codes. You can add categories, add your logo and I also added in all my leaders as “users” so they can add in their events in their areas. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for – A GREAT BIG THANK YOU! You just made my day!!!!!

Want to learn more? I shared an overview and tutorial on our Facebook page. Check out the video replay below and let me know what you think!

Maybe you don’t need a calendar tool that is this robust just yet, but if you have a team or if you collaborate with others and need to share information about various events easily and quickly, Calendarwiz may be for you!